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The Earth Ambassador Network is an educational platform dedicated to individual and global transformation through embodying principles of higher consciousness. An Earth Ambassador is anyone who has remembered they are here to play a unique role in the expansion of global consciousness by sharing their unique expressions of passion with the world.

We all have a unique, natural essence. Like puzzle pieces, each with our own unique shape. When you allow yourself to be your natural shape, you synthesize, support, and are supported perfectly by the entire puzzle of life.

Join us in creating the version of earth that we all prefer.


"Joining was the best decision I have ever made. I never thought I would have this huge group of people that are soul family to me and who are just so unconditionally loving."

~ Jindi J.

Earth Ambassador Programs

We give you the tools to live your passion, develop inner peace, and reclaim your personal power so you can consciously create your reality in the ways that excite you most.


Together We Heal

We empower individuals to heal trauma and suffering through powerful tools of integration. Learn more about the program and join the Facebook Group.


Creating A New Earth

Foundations for a New Earth represents a transformation of consciousness expressed through 7 fundamental areas of our lives. Our monthly membership includes access to the 7 part program and two live support calls each month. Learn More


Remembering Who You Are

The 13 is a holistic, psycho-spiritual framework designed to create holistic personal transformation. Subscribe below to be notified of new 13 weeks sessions. The next is planned for Fall 2020.

What Are Members Saying?

"I felt like there was hope again to be fulfilled and enjoy my life and most of all myself...I have made lifetime friends and some very special bonds that will last a lifetime."

~ Scottie F.

"I've evolved so much and I'm so damn grateful. You guys and this program gave me my life back.

Thank you for being in my life and showing what it's like to receive unconditional love."

~Tiffany I.

"I have broken past fears and barriers to allow myself to express myself, to be honest, authentic, and to love myself unconditionally."

~Rathika M.