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9 Days, 9 Videos (all under 10 minutes), 9 shifts in perception from limitation to freedom! End the most common 'self sabotaging' patterns most people think can never change...

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Video One: Transforming the NEED to be understood

  • Shifting out of needing others to understand you or listen to you in order to feel happy and connected in your relationships is one of the greatest shifts to freedom you can create. If you need others validation, or need them to listen to feel heard you will feel alone and like people don't care. Of course, this is not true and in this video I show you how to transform this belief.

Video Two: A New Operating system for humanity

  • A new IOS operating system that allows you to live your highest excitement. This module expands on the mechanics of creation and how to live a perpetual flow state allowing life to effortless organize around you. Most people, when they understand this, plan a lot less, have a lot more fun, and remember that life is magical.

Video Three: The #1 Abundance Myth

  • Busting the myth of needing to 'learn how to' become abundant and 'think' like millionaires think. Believing you need to become MORE abundant implies you are living in LACK NOW! This video defines how you can become the frequency of abundance NOW and start attracting more abundance into your life. (This one understanding took my business to 6 figures within a year)

Video Four: Transforming 


  • What you are resisting in life contains the answers you are looking for. When you know how to process and detach from unconscious beliefs you will never again believe the stories that create resistance in your life. Rather you will learn to STOP, BREATH, and INQUIRE. This alone can change your life profoundly. This is the key to end REACTIVITY and activate RESPONSIBILITY. 

Video Five: Going from DOING to BEING

  • Do you ever have the feeling like you need to DO something or make a decision about something and until you do so you cannot feel at peace? This video will show you how to shift that belief and find more stillness in your life.

Video Six: Building a strong foundation

  • There is no such thing as a difficult circumstance and how to let go of control. ALL STRESS comes from trying to control other people and/or your circumstances. It's hopeless to try to control things you cannot and thats why you feel out of control when you attempt to. But there is a reason you try and in this video we go into the WHY and how to change it.

Video Seven: You need to learn how to sell in order to be successful

  • At some point in your life you will have to learn this skill. But the way its taught is so OLD PARADIGM 1990's personal performance blah blah blah. Statistically in my programs I have a 70% 'closing rate.' That means 7 out of 10 people who get on the phone with me join my programs and I don't sell nor have I EVER been called salesly! This is how...

Video Eight: Busting the 'life purpose' myth

  • Busting the myth of my life should have a purpose outside of this moment. Your purpose in life right now is to read this sentence and sit or stand where you are. That is it. If you are not completely fulfilled by this purpose this video will show you why.

Video Nine: Entities, energy vampires and empaths

  • Clarity on the subjects of entities, energy vampires, other people, and empaths and how to be in your power when facing all of these ideas. There is only one energy vampire in your reality and it is YOU. Entities are a reflection of your own consciousness and all of these experience can be used in positive ways and transformed. Learn a bit more about the mechanics of reality and drop old fashion ideas about spirituality that do not serve you.