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Foundations for a New Earth

Foundations for a New Earth is a community for those committed to living on the edge of their personal and spiritual growth and to being bridges for a new age of humanity.  The course we offer represents a holistic transformation of consciousness expressed through 7 fundamental areas of our lives. It is a framework for living in what we call Stage Three Consciousness which is the primary operating system of the 'New Human.' This blueprint for living will teach you how to be supported in living your passion/s, how to integrate fear and unconscious limiting beliefs, how to create thriving relationships and most of all how to experience life as a living miracle. You have prepared lifetimes for THIS ONE, the world needs your gifts, and you did not come here to do this alone!


What's on the inside?

If you are reading these words you have woken up. You have had some sort of experience or series of experiences that have made you question everything. You have already 'unplugged' from the Matrix... Yet you feel there is something more. Whether its negative habits, confusion on where to direct your energy, challenging relationships, or not being supported abundantly in your passion, something in you is ready to transform and up level... This video will show you how we can support you with this.


Building a Positive Relationship with Fear

You will learn how to befriend fear in order to successfully receive the message it is attempting to give to you.

A Holographic Reality

The most foundational understanding when it comes to creating Unity Consciousness. Simply “there is no out there out there” EVERYTHING outside of you is a reflection of what is within you.

Excitement & Passion

The feeling of excitement and passion is your body's translation of what is MOST YOU aka your most natural self.

The Art of Integration

This process TRANSFORMS the energy from negative to positive, from separate to included and describes the process of integration we all chose to come to earth to experience.


Relationships are a form of reflection to help you become more of yourself (unconditional love). When two people are allowing themselves as individuals to live in their highest passion in all ways WHILE allowing the other person to be themselves exactly as they are, you have a ‘Holy Relationship.’


When you allow yourself to be in the now, you feel the presence of "God" which is the connection to the energy of unconditional love that is always here. We move out of the now when we unconsciously choose to focus on something in the past or future, usually out of guilt or fear.

Abundance & Service

Abundance is your natural state and it is the natural expression of energy itself. It is everywhere and in everything. Abundance is the ability to be able to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

"Joining was the best decision I have ever made. I never thought I would have this huge group of people that are soul family to me and who are just so unconditionally loving."
Jindi J.

"I felt like there was hope again to be fullfilled and enjoy my life and most of all be myself...I have made lifetime friends and some very special bonds that will last a lifetime."
Scottie F.

"I've evolved so much and I'm so damn grateful. You guys and this program gave me my life back.

Thank you for being in my life and showing me what it's like to receive unconditional love."
Tiffany I.

"I have broken past fears and barriers to allowing myself to express myself, to be honest and authentic, and to love myself unconditionally."
Rathika M.

Experience Foundations

The foundations experience was designed to introduce you to each module over the period of one week. Each week's content includes powerful video lessons, check-ins, exercises, and real life experiences of how this new paradigm can manifest in your life.

For the first 7 weeks of the course expect to receive three emails per week to keep you engaged with the material. If you join the program or membership, you will also receive FOUR live monthly group calls with our Facilitators and our community. Calls take place at 11am pst Tuesday's and Saturdays once per week and you will retain access as long as you are a member!

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Monthly Membership

Join Brandon and our powerful group of earth ambassadors twice a month for a LIVE calls as we dive deep into the foundations material. This gathering will include LIVE Coaching, Q & A, and exercises and tools for deeper integration of this rich material.

You will have also have access to breath work training, 're-naturing' and herbal medicine education, conscious music and sound offerings, and a steady stream of support and insight and a wide variety of topics from our facilitators! 
Join the Membership for $90 a month


Own the Program

You will receive permanent access to the 7 foundations modules. This package includes the monthly live calls FREE for the duration of the 7 week program then members have a choice to remain in the group for a discounted price of $55 per month.
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