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Foundations of a New Earth

Foundations of a New Earth is a community for those committed to living on the edge of their personal and spiritual growth and to being creators of a new age for humanity.  The course we offer within the community is 7 weeks long and is a journey of consciousness through 7 fundamental areas of life.

You will walk away with all of the tools to 'coach' yourself through letting go of any stressful thought. You'll also learn how to live your highest excitement and allow life (synchronicity) to support you in all ways. If you are ready to END the seeking, have a clear and loving mind, and share your passion and gifts to the world than keep reading!

You will be given a framework for living in what we call Stage Three Consciousness which is the primary operating system of the 'New Earth Human.' This blueprint for living will teach you how to be supported in living your passion, how to integrate fear and unconscious limiting beliefs, how to create thriving relationships and as a result - how to experience life as a living miracle. You have prepared lifetimes for THIS ONE, the world needs your gifts, and you did not come here to do this alone!

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What is on the inside?

If you are reading this page, you have woken up. You have had some sort of experience or series of experiences that have made you question everything. You have already "unplugged" from the Matrix...yet you feel there is something more. Whether it is negative habits, confusion on where to direct your energy, challenging relationships, or not being supported abundantly in your passion, something in you is ready to transform and embody more of the fullness of your divinity. This video will show you how we can support you with this.


Where on the diagram can you find yourself?

Notice if you only have two quadrants activated in your life how you may be experiencing some imbalance! Everyone at their core wants to live in the center of this diagram. We call this area Living as the New Earth Human in Stage Three Consciousness.

Lone Wolf

You have been "doing the work" mostly with yourself or with select friends that seem to be at your level of understanding. You may still be afraid of opening up in front of a group or even leading a group and want to change this story and truly connect with people without fear of rejection or feeling like an outsider. This archetype is often afraid of looking weak, wrong or bad, so would rather judge and avoid opportunities to connect or open up with people they don't know. If you are here, never fear, we know for certain that you are not here to to do this work alone.

Chasing Happiness

This archetype is the hustler who is supported by his/her hustling and not-so-healthy friendships. You have community but it seems like you are always doing the same things but never truly feel fulfilled. Your relationships are often the source of a lot of pain, you feel easily triggered and find it difficult to transform this so you mostly avoid and get lost in work or "bad habits". You have reached a point where your work no longer serves or excites you and your community doesn't necessarily reflect back to you the kind of people you would prefer to be in your life. You are ready to transform your mind so you can create a reflection of this transformation in your relationships, business, and lifestyle.

Always Healing

You have a strong sense of community and support yet the same patterns, and the same circumstances AND YOUR REACTION to them control your life. You have thoughts like "I thought I healed this", "why do I keep attracting this?", "what am I doing wrong?", "How am I meant to serve others in a way that excites me most?" This archetype is about not yet getting to the CORE beliefs and repeating patterns that create confusion. The patterns repeat so the beliefs can be discovered and transform. On the other side of this transformation comes clarity of your passion and how to act on it becomes a simple next step. This architype is only a shift or two away from being a New Earth Human and living in what we call State Three Consciousness

Our goal is to guide you to Stage Three Consciousness (the center of the diagram above) so you can live the way nature has designed; as A Conscious Master Creator of Your Reality!


The diagram below in no way represents a hierarchy, no level is better than any other level. The size of each level of the pyramid represent the symbolic approximation of the population currently at each stage. We believe when enough people are living in State Three we will enter a golden age unified society. 

Our level of consciousness is dynamic - meaning we move through the stages all the time but will find ourselves experiencing one or two most strongly. Until you are fully, without hesitation, identified with Stage Three, you will experience some form of unnecessary suffering. If you are reading this you are most likely between stage Two and Stage Three. Again, the primary reason you may not be at primarily Stage Three right now is because of where you placed yourself in the previous diagram.

You will most likely relate to Stage 2 but will find aspects of yourself in all of them!


This is the stage everyone desires to be at whether they know it or not. It truly represents living as grace and in total harmony with life.

  • In this stage you have learned to question your mind and no longer believe thoughts that cause you stress
  • Your relationships are a source of Joy, connection and transparency and you have released all negative attachments that create co-dependency 
  • You are joyful, creative and passionate most of the time. Excitement leads your life moment by moment.
  • You are aware of more dark and light yet choose the light
  • You understand the nature and principles of reality and Identify  fully with non-physical aspect of self ‘spirit or consciousness.’
  • Your circumstances do not determine your happiness, you do
  • Your seeking has been replaced by curiosity and contentment
  • You do not feel separate from others or like you have ‘anything to hide’
  • You are fully supported by passion (financially and otherwise) and can transform any trigger or frustration that comes up in relationships
  • Life is effortless and you enjoy challenge


This is probably where you are now. Often we will oscillate between stage two and three until three becomes more stabilized!

  • You have had an ‘awakening’ experience, seeking truth, highs highs and low lows
  • You have met a new ‘tribe’ (community) that is more like you but still struggle getting along with your own family members
  • You are into metaphysics or human potential but don't know exactly how to apply it and can sometimes get lost in information
  • You are a coach, a spiritual teacher, a yogini, study tantra, or help people with personal or spiritual growth in some way
  • You have radically transformed yourself and find it natural to help others yet old patterns still surfacing that seems very hard to transform thus often creating self doubt
  • You are thriving at times but not your norm yet, money in, money out, one minute you feel abundant the next you don't
  • You are acting on your passion more than you ever have in your life but know there is a next level of abundance, inner peace and fulfillment
  • Your relationships are hot or cold and as often source of roller coaster emotions
  • Your health and energy are good but if you get honest with yourself you know you have a lot of room to expand in this area and consistency is still challenging


Notice where you can relate to these ideas and may have brought them with you into stage two after your awakening or invitation into personal transformation.

  • You feel like you are not enough
  • Comparison and looking for happiness outside of yourself is common
  • Poor health, low energy, believes you are separate from the world and others
  • Feeling like a victim, not really interested or ready for self mastery/personal growth work
  • Negative attachment, rarely acting on passion
  • You are living a life you were told was the way to live it by others
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The answer to living in Stage 3 is simple

1. Act on your highest excitement moment by moment.

2. Question and let go of all beliefs that create suffering.

Excitement is direct guidance from your higher mind and moment by moment we either follow this guidance or we don't because we have bought into fear-based beliefs. All we need to do is act and question whatever fear arises. That's it! Stage 3 is NATURAL! It is the stage children are often in yet we can now access it with the wisdom of experience.

If it is this simple, why isn't everyone there?

Because not everyone has COMMUNITY, PROCESSES, and CLARITY about how reality works! You're basically shooting in the dark when you don't have these things!

You don't have to do this alone! 

You don't have to slowly piece together the puzzle that allows you to live your passion and have inner peace.

We are living in a NEW PARADIGM RIGHT NOW! No longer does it make sense to only master ONE AREA of your life; health, meditation, happiness, relationships, abundance, purpose etc...


...and that is your clear MIND.

All you need to do is INTEGRATE or TRANSFORM (which is a process we breakdown into four steps called AFFA) the limiting beliefs you are unconsciously holding onto that are responsible for over 90% of your behavior and thus your consistent results!

As you do this, you return to a clear mind, and your health decisions, relationship choices, and expressions of excitement all fall into place and decisions literally make themselves.

The result of transforming our beliefs (mind) can drastically change the body

We are not promising you that these are the type of results you can expect. But what we do know is the body (like everything else in your life) is a reflection of your mind. Here is an example from Marny Mandel's experience after doing the same kind of work with us during and after a retreat we facilitated.

"The doctors couldn't explain it! I went to Brandon's retreat, and once I got back in for a check up the doctor told me the tumor was gone!"

-Marny Mandel

In short, what you can expect are miracles!

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So What's Inside The Course?!

Below is an outline of the 7 modules which are accompanied by a week of integration per each module, story telling and assignments you will receive through email, and live weekly calls and breakout rooms via zoom. These 7 areas represent the key to living a balanced and fulfilling life!

Module One: Building a Positive Relationship with Fear

You will learn how to befriend fear in order to successfully receive the message it is attempting to give to you. This means, if you apply the teaching, you will truly receive everyone and everything as a teacher and use all situations in a positive way even if they seem to be negative.

Module Two: A Holographic Reality

Learn how everything in your 'external reality' is not external. Learn the basic physics principles that reinforce everything is a reflection of your mind. Develop deep connection and love for what is.

Module Three: Excitement & Passion

The feeling of excitement and passion is your body's translation of what is MOST YOU aka your most natural self. Learn how to DISCERN this energy and live a life where you are fully acting and supported by your excitement.

Module Four: The Art of Integration

As you act on your excitement is it DESIGNED to bring up any unconscious beliefs you are not aware of so to transform them from fear back into excitement. This is where you will learn how to 'self coach' and inquire into the thoughts you are believing that are creating stress in your life.

Module Five: Relationships & Reflection 

Relationships are a form of reflection to help you become more of yourself (aka you without any negative stories). When two people are allowing themselves as individuals to live in their highest passion in all ways WHILE allowing the other person to be themselves exactly as they are, you have a ‘Holy Relationship.’ This module will show you how to bring peace to any relationship, end the separation, and use all triggers to create more intimacy and understanding of yourself. 

Module Six: Time

Many people think there is only one past? The truth is the past is just as changeable and dynamic as the future. When you allow yourself to be in the now, you feel the 'presence' which is the bodies translation of  "God" aka "All That Is." The stories you tell in the now about the future and the past are the only thing that takes you to of this presence... Not the future our the past itself. Learn to let go of the past and become the future self now.

Module Seven: Abundance & Service

Abundance is your natural state, it is not something you GET it is a state of being you ARE and ACT from. Learn to synch up with this energy and create more abundance in all forms. We outline 5+ forms of abundance and how you can begin to allow more of all of them into your life!

If you are ready to end the war within yourself and thrive, then join today and take the next step and claim who you truly are! 


What Are Our Members Saying?!

"Joining was the best decision I have ever made. I never thought I would have this huge group of people that are soul family to me and who are just so unconditionally loving."
Jindi J.

"I felt like there was hope again to be fullfilled and enjoy my life and most of all be myself...I have made lifetime friends and some very special bonds that will last a lifetime."
Scottie F.

"I've evolved so much and I'm so damn grateful. You guys and this program gave me my life back. Thank you for being in my life and showing me what it's like to receive unconditional love."
Tiffany I.

"I have broken past fears and barriers to allowing myself to express myself, to be honest and authentic, and to love myself unconditionally."
Rathika M.

"The shift I experienced working with Brandon was MONUMENTAL. I've never felt so light, so at ease, and so trusting of life. It's changing everything! Already! There are no words to express my awe and gratitude."

-Ash S.

"As soon as I sent you money for this course I could feel my lower chakras buzzing and balancing and I felt like I was restoring my stability, in my finances and myself, and growing my self worth. The first training and the accountability is helping me so much, thank you!"

-Kathleen B.

"Wow. I just finished part 1 of week 2 and am blown away... This is a game changer! Since beginning this journey, I've noticed myself growing in awareness. One of the largest contributions is the 2 hour check-ins with myself. Through this process a few breakthroughs have come about. OneIt's ok to not constantly being doing something. Two, It's ok to not constantly think about something. ThreeIt's ok to just exist 

There's quite a refreshing feeling and a sense of peace experienced when you can give yourself permission to really into the moment and fully experience that which we experience. Thank you tribe!"

-Eric S.

You are not just joining a community, you are joining a global family dedicated to transforming the planet...

There Are Three Ways To Join

Choose what option feels most exciting to you!

Tier One: Basic Month to Month Membership 

  • Join our private facebook group community 
  • Join weekly live coaching calls, Q & A and breakout sessions ($400 value)
  • Tune into weekly FB live trainings on breath work, plant medicine, and other trainings on transformation and living in stage 3 consciousness, with Q & A ($200 value)
  • Watch live 1 on 1 coaching sessions broadcast privately to the group. When one heals we all heal ($250 value)
  • Build lifelong soul family relationships (priceless)

$800 + value for only $90 per month!

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Tier Two: Foundations Course and Two Months of Membership 

This is our most common option!

  • Everything from Tier One ($800+ value)
  • 7 part pre recorded video training series delivered to you over 7 weeks in private membership website with lifelong access ($1,000 value)
  • First 60 days (2 months) free membership (you will have an option after the 2 months are up to continue as a member or leave the group)
  • An exclusive discounted membership rate of $55 per month after your two months are up if you choose to stay in the community (save $420 per year)

$1800+ value for only $444!

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Tier Three: Foundations Course Plus 1 on 1 Support From Our Facilitators!

This option if for those of you really ready to go ALL IN and live your best life

  • Everything from tier one and tier two ($1800+ in value)
  • One VIP day experience where you will spend 3+ hours with all four facilitators (the four directions) going through your "higher self blueprint" addressing all areas of your life, physical, emotional, spiritual your passion/business etc! ($1,000 value)
  • Four 1 on 1 sixty minute coaching calls, one with each facilitator! ($1,500 in value)

For this option you must apply! We only open 10 spots per month for this option you can apply below to see if there are openings! These fill up fast!

$4,300+ in value for only $2,000

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